Lesamy Week 3

Another good week. Points of interest:

  • I’ve added home-cooked pasta to my list of meals. This means that I’m progressing slightly more to my eventual goal of not only eating less but eating better. Again this was something I did because it allowed me to make a filling meal with less calories than I’d’ve managed otherwise. (Thus freeing up enough in my daily allowance for some chocolate!)
  • I’ve gone down an extra couple of belt notches – making three in all. I was thinking to myself how this was a great way to follow my progress when I realised that a lot of people use a similar method – it’s called a tape measure! D’oh!
  • I’ve noticed a difference in how much and how well I can cope with exercise. I’m now up to an hour’s brisk walking per day (actually 2 x 30mins) as my main exercise regime. This is gratifying although whilst it still must be burning calories it’s no longer significantly raising my heart rate, so in terms of overall fitness it’s less effective. However the main goal is weight loss. When I’m a little lighter on my feet (literally) I’ll consider some more aggressive forms of exercise.
  • I can now do sit-ups! All my agonizing about “Am I losing it too fast?” is really about “Will I end up with lots of loose skin?” So one of the things I’ve been wanting to do is exercise that will build muscle where I’ll be losing flab – in my case my stomach. However a couple of weeks ago I tried to do a sit-up. First, due to my present centre of gravity, there was the the rather comical sight of my legs going up until I could rock myself forward and then bring my upper body down in something approaching the correct fashion. So then I tried with my feet under the bed. That held my legs down and I did a couple of sit-ups but I soon felt a tightness as if I was in danger of rupturing something. I left it, but then tried again the other day and found that I can now do sit-ups without feeling like I might literally split in half. So a few (very few at this stage) sit-ups have been added to my daily round.

All this has led to this week’s result of another 1.9 kg (4.2lbs) lost. So my new running total is 7.2kg, 15.9lbs or (in English money) 1st 2lbs. I’ve lost more than a stone!

So I’m now halfway to where I’d thought I’d be by Christmas. And my awful confession is that after three weeks of worrying if it’s coming off too fast I looked at the scales this morning and was a teeny tiny bit disappointed that the rate has actually started to slow. I know, I know, you can’t win with me. I whinge when it’s too much and whinge when it’s too little.


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