Lesamy – Week 2

Here we are again, monday is weigh-in day.

So what I learnt this week is that even if all you decide to do is limit your calories you end up changing what you eat anyway. It just makes more sense for example to eat an apple instead of one of those low-calorie yoghurt biscuits that I like. The apple is more filling and the biscuits come in packs of two and so even though it’s roughly the same on its own, in terms of what you end up eating it’s two apples’ worth of calories. Similar logic leads me to buy lower fat yoghurts which I can have as part of my lunch rather the thick and creamy ones that would have to be my lunch. And so on.

So even though I started this regime with the idea of not changing too much too soon, I have drifted towards a more healthy and varied diet anyway.

I’ve been off work this week and so instead of my inside exercises I’ve been taking brisk walks in the part every day (2-3miles). This is quite pleasant, I strap on my ipod and head off, and the weather’s been quite nice, although the one day it rained was actually welcome as it cooled me down.

I’m telling you this as it may go some way to explain this surprise:

Weight loss this week:   3.2kg (7lbs)

Total loss so far:  5.3kg (11.7lbs)

I’m still waiting for this to settle down – I really don’t want to lose the weight too quickly – but I can’t deny being happy.


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2 Responses to Lesamy – Week 2

  1. stressedspelledbackwards says:

    Wow. This is embarrassing, but you’ve lost the same weight in two weeks that I lost in 17 weeks. My JC consultant did say that I would lose more if I were starting at a higher weight though. But wow, impressive!

  2. shuggie says:

    hi stressed,

    Your JC consultant is right. I am starting at a much higher weight than you. I know this because I’ve looked at your blog and seen that picture of you in the denim dress (you look great in it btw).

    I’m slightly paranoid that if the rate of loss doesn’t slow a bit then I’ll end up with a loose skin problem. But I’m keeping an eye on it and it’s only been a couple of weeks.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

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