Someone New to Hate

Don’t you hate it when you find someone doing what you’re trying to do, only better? Someone to whom, if you’re honest, you can point and say, “look that’s what I meant!” and all your indulging friends will smile faintly and say, “Oh, I get it now.” Well turns out there’s someone like that for me and I’ve just read his blog.

Those of you with a long memory, or who’ve skimmed the archives for the good bits will know that I did a humourous recap of both the series 2 and series 3 finales of the new Dr Who. And you may have been wondering (if you are vaguely in step with the changing of the seasons, the rise and fall of the tides, the TV schedules and so on) whether I had forgotten to do so again, or whether my utter laziness just meant it was late.

The fact of the matter is that I had pretty much decided not to bother because some things are so bad that even to point and laugh is not worth the effort. Or so I thought…

Then I read Mr Andrew Rilstone’s reaction to the final couplet of Dr Who episodes. Check it out. He’s funny, clever and insightful. He makes important points about things I agree with. He understands that there’s a difference between silliness for silliness’ sake and silliness that gets you somewhere. He goes on a bit, but then so did that bloody finale.

He says the kinds of things I’d like to say but does it better. And he’s actually so funny and clever and all that I almost don’t hate him at all.



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