Son of Flubbage

When I re-(x3)-launched the blog I promised myself that I’d curb the self-indulgence and reduce the ratio of flubbageousness to actual content. However having had a little run of review posts I think I’ve earned a small amount of flubbage-iosity. So here it is.

I guess the first, and main thing is that I’m enjoying my blog more. A big part of that is blog stats. I love blog stats. In the past, in the dim distant free-LJ-account past, the only way I had of tracking whether I was being read was to see how many comments I got. Mostly I got none. But with WordPress I can see how many views I get, where they’re coming from and stuff like that. Which is cool because I can see what works in terms of promoting the blog.

And what seems to work is all the stuff I knew – posting on other blogs (where I’ve got something genuinely relevant to say. I’m not a spammer), putting a link in my sigs for where I already post, posting regularly. Also one thing I didn’t know worked, but does, is tagging. I used to think of tagging as organisational stuff for me, but it’s also fodder for the search engines and for WordPress blogs at least it puts you in the tag surfing system.

Tag surfing is my new favourite hobby. Basically WordPress gives you a page of recent posts with the same tags, or related ones, in other blogs. It’s a kind of random way to find other blogs you might be interested in and it’s already swelled my Google Reader subscriptions a little.

Speaking of posting more regularly, I am, as you’ll have seen, doing the Buffy Re-Watch posts again. I’ve decided the best way to do this is to do compilation posts for multiple episodes and single posts for the standout eps. When we hit Season 2/3 there’ll be long runs of stand-out eps but until then it’ll save some space and keep the momentum up. The idea for this came from this post.

Anyway speaking of Buffy Re-Watch…


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