Watch this it’s Fun!

Title says it all really. I was thinking to review it but it doesn’t need it. 3 x 13-15min episodes of a web-based super-villain musical. Created by Joss Whedon + family and friends. And it’s Joss doing what he does so well – reversing a well-worn concept, the good guy is really the bad guy and the bad guy is the good guy and there are fun songs and silly jokes. Plus Barney from “How I Met Your Mother”, Mal from “Firefly” and Vi from Chosen.

Watch out for the ending if you’re a Whedon newbie – but it’s just Joss doing what he does. Plus, I’m sure the story’s not over.

It’s available free online until midnight tomorrow and after that I think you need to pay to download it.

My favourite songs are “It’s a Brand New Day” and “On The Rise” both from ep 2.

UPDATE: It’s back online for free. Click here to watch now.


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