Sorry about the title. It’s not a reference to Flubber honest. It’s sort of inspired by “phlebotinum” mixed with a desperate desire not to entitle this “Random Musings #23916753″[1]

It’s also an attempt to not let a week go by without posting. A week would be tomorrow, but well there’s a rare event – Paul leaves the house for other than work or shopping – happening tomorrow and so I probably won’t be blogging then.

Actually I almost blogged at the weekend, until I realised that I was about to unload a load of personal angst on you all. Which is fine and everything (it IS my blog) but I sort of decided I was going to keep the ratio of personal to interesting low didn’t I? Then I thought I’d review something, but the only ‘something’ I could really review would have been Doctor Who and that was exactly the wrong kind of terrible to write about (bad but not enough to inspire me to be rude or funny). Still, recalling Dr Kermode’s wise words (3rd para) maybe I should make the effort anyway. Here goes:

It was crap. Brain in hand, looked a little too much like other small pink moist organ in hand. It was vaguely sexual in a not very pleasant way. Plot had enough holes to upset even me. Moral dilemma really forced. Nice music. Nice scenery (snowy bits). Nice, though pointless, chase scene.

That’s all I can force myself to say, Kermode or no Kermode.

Anyhow. The remaining 23% of this flubbage is that I have at least re-visited my neglected LoveFilm DVD rental queue and added a few new releases and upcoming movies. Also added The Nines as suggested by friend of the blog lethebashar. Hopefully there’s something in that little lot that I can get my reviewing teeth into.

Oh and I got a package in the post today. I haven’t opened it yet, but it’s from my sister and is probably related to going-out-event (see above). It looks suspiciously like a book/books, which makes me think

a) I really ought to finish at least one of the three books she gave me for Christmas.[2]

b) Maybe the occasional book review wouldn’t hurt.

Anywhat, [3] I haven’t done any actual writing since last week’s moment of clarity, but then I have been working on something else. A rather ambitious project to do with resisting the passage of time. Seems not to be working, the final proof will come in a few hours I suspect.

Sorry if this seems a bit fillery but flubbage can be like that. Flubb, flubb, flubb.

See you next time.

[1]Even though, now that I look at it, that sort of looks like a better title. Oh well.

[2]At my suggestion, I asked for books because this crazy idea that I was going to write and reading’s important and…

[3]Makes a change from ‘anyhow’ don’t you think?


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My name is Shuggie, Paul or LatePaul depending on where you know me from. I work in computers (databases) and occasionally write about softw
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5 Responses to Flubbage

  1. shuggie says:

    Oh dear, I really shouldn’t try to make up words –


  2. lethebashar says:

    Yes, I’d like to know what you’re reading Shuggie. Saw another movie this weekend. Interested in what you’d think, or perhaps you’ve seen it. My girlfriend wanted to see it. “The Quiet” is the name. Thanks for the trackback.

  3. Lethe says:


    I’m anxiously awaiting your next post . .. guess you haven’t been writing for a couple days . . . anyways I have a favor to ask. Remember our discussion about blog fiction, and how you came to the conclusion that, if anything, what distinguishes blog fiction from print is the possibility of a nonlinear narrative (through linking). My idea is that blog fiction can immitate life better than the print novel. Life is a “labyrinth of linkages” (Tolstoy). Every person, every situation, creates a montage in the memory of the writer. I believe blog fiction could live up to this analogy as a “labyrinth”. Anyways, my favor is this. I’m off to a good start on my blog and I was wondering if you’d dedicate one of your posts to reviewing it. I know this is a big favor, so obviously if you’re not up to it that’s cool . . .

    Talk to you later

  4. lethebashar says:

    Shuggie, come read an essay of mine on my philosophical blog . . . http://www.philquotes.blogspot.com

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