So I’ve been watching Heroes. Having no life and an internet connection, I’ve watched nearly all of Heroes.

I just wanted to pause here (3 episodes to go) to post a couple of thoughts. Heroes is good, very good. It reminds me of first season Lost – lots of characters, plot-heavy, high production values. However much as I love Lost it is a shaggy dog story. Almost every time you get new information you get more questions than answers. Heroes appears to be going somewhere. I’ll know in a couple of hours or so, but I hope that Heroes resists the temptation to spin out the story.

They must’ve realised some time in the middle what a hit the show was and it must’ve been tempting to defer the climax. It’s all been building to a show-down between Sylar and the others, an attempt to stop him exploding and destroying New York. I hope that plays out. Season 2 should be its own story. I could be wrong but if they try to stretch it out, keep Sylar alive, keep the same threat until next year, then it’ll fall into the Lost trap.

I say have a proper ending, kill the bad guy and have a new story and a new bad guy for next time.

I hope they will.

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