Day 21

Page: 486
Which is: Lavender asking Harry about Ron (‘he’s always asleep when I go and see him’)
Lead: 74
Time Spent: 61.6 hours
Pages Remaining: 282 (93% complete)
Favourite Character: Hermione
Cool Moment: When Ron is poisoned.
Touching Quote: Er-my-nee
Emblematic Quote: You’re Dumbledore’s man through and through aren’t you, Potter?

So still on track but I’ll be falling behind tonight unless I make it a late one. The point’s a little moot since I could always make tomorrow a late one. Still haven’t decided if I want to go out and buy a copy at midnight or wait on my Amazon-ordered one that’ll arrive earliest on Sat morning.
Oh and tomorrow I need to post questions on The Gunseller for the Ship’s book thread. I know pretty much what I want to say but despite my best intentions I haven’t written it yet.

Still enjoying Half-Blood Prince though it’s getting darker now with Ron being attacked. I get a perverse pleasure out of seeing how it brings Hermione’s true feelings to the fore. That Ron says her name in his semi-conscious state is just perfect (given that he’s going out with Lavender and has just recovered from being Love-Potioned into liking Romilda Vane). I especially like it because it evokes memories of Willow saying Oz’s name in Buffy all those years ago. I wanted her to say Xander and that she didn’t meant I knew they weren’t meant to be together. I hope this means the opposite.

Not got much else to say. I’m going to fill you in on “the distraction” after I finish this book I think.

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