Day 19

Page: 213
Which is: in Snape’s first Dark Arts lesson
Lead: 151
Time Spent: 57.6 hours
Pages Remaining: 555 (86% complete)
Estimated Completion: Fri 20th July
Favourite Character: Ginny
Cool Moment: Draco stamping on Harry’s nose

So I chose a ‘cool moment’ that is Harry’s enemy triumphing over him. Why?

Well I didn’t have a lot of choice because I only read 58 pages yesterday. However I like this moment, not because I like to see Harry suffer (though there’s a very slight element of payback for me having to endure his teenage bad mood through most of Order of the Phoenix) but because it shatters any remaining pretensions that this will be a “childrens’ book”[1]. It’s just so violent and unnecessary. Just as Harry has through his adventures come to a greater level of responsibility and awareness of his destiny, so Malfoy has graduated from school-boy bully to fully-fledged villain. Well maybe there’s a little fledging left to fill but basically we have a nasty piece of work on our hands now. Not much to say about the not much else I read. Snape’s now DADA teacher and therefore doomed. Harry’s Gryffindor Quidditch Captain and therefore I’m doomed to a minimum level of boredom. And Slughorn has established himself as a ‘collector’ of influential and talented friends. I like that he chose Ginny.

Well more to read before I sleep.

[1]which is not to say children won’t read, and I dare say enjoy, this book.


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