Day 18

Book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Page: 155
Which is: Draco Malfoy in Borgin and Burkes
Lead: 268
Time Spent: 56.7 hours
Pages Remaining: 613 (85% complete)
Estimated Completion: Thu 19th July
Favourite Character: Dumbledore
Cool Moment: Harry and Dumbledore chat in the broom cupboard
Random Quote: Let us not deprive Molly any longer the chance to deplore how thin you are.

So I’m a good healthy way into Half-Blood Prince and its not hard. I enjoy this book. Not sure if it’s just my imagination but this book already seems funnier than the others.

Maybe it’s my kind of funny. There’s humour in the early books but a lot of it is aimed squarely at younger kids. Slapstick humour with people falling off brooms rather than lines like the quote above.
Not a huge amount has happened story-wise. In that respect it’s just as over-long as the last couple of books. But I don’t mind so much. Harry is neither annoyingly teenage, nor do we have the bore-fest that is the Quidditch World Cup. Just some aimiable stuff with Dumbledore, some disliking of Fleur and some scenes of the three friends acting like friends and getting involved in solving a mystery again. They even used the invisibility cloak.

Good stuff.


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