Day 13

Book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Page: 780
Which is: in the midst of everything they’re taking their OWL exams
Lead: 812
Time Spent: 52 hours
Today’s Movie Target: Finish the book! (p956)
Pages Remaining: 944 (77% complete)
Estimated Completion: Sat 14th July
Favourite Character: Harry
Cool Moment: Dumbledore not coming quietly
Random Quote: A lot of people are idiots at the age of fifteen.

So yet another way in which we get “Harry grows up” in this book is the disillusionment with parents. We’ve had that in one way with the apparent uncaring Dumbledore but now we get the “was my father actually not a nice person?” question.

This is tough for Harry and it restores some more of my sympathy for him because it does start to look like James was a bit of a jerk and a bully, at least where Snape’s concerned. What we need to remember of course is that these are Snape’s memories. Naturally he remembers what had biggest impact on him. Sirius or Lupin mentions that Snape tried to jinx James every chance he got and that it was a mutual feud – but that’s a piece of dialogue that washes over you, the scene where James actually hangs Snape upside down and humiliates him is described in detail and therefore has bigger impact.

I suspect in the final book we’ll get more about James Potter’s schooldays – along with more information on Snape and Lily.

So you’ll notice the time and that means I didn’t write my blog at lunchtime, which means I didn’t read then either. That’s not a problem – I should easily finish Order of the Phoenix tonight. I hope I can make it not too late. The last thing I want is to be falling asleep during the film.

I’m excited about seeing the movie. For its own sake – it’s had good reviews – but also because it represents a break from such a punishing schedule. On Friday I’ll have one book left to read. At my normal reading speed it’ll be no problem to finish it by Monday which will give me the chance to do a movie a night before the new book comes out next Saturday. Which means it’s all a heck of a lot easier after tonight.

So I’m away to start reading.


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