Day 11

Book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Page: 412
Which is: Umbridge’s hand appears in the fireplace seconds after Sirius’ head has left it.
Lead: 794
Time Spent: 45.7
Today’s Movie Target: 596
Pages Remaining: 1312 (67% complete)
Estimated completion: Sat 14th July
Favourite Character: not Harry
Seriously, Favourite Character: Ernie Macmillan
Random Quote: Harry had never before appreciated just how beautiful the village of Hogsmeade was. (after hearing Cho couldn’t keep her eyes off him)
Cool Moment: I must not tell lies

Ok, so that’s ‘cool’ as in the sense of ‘disturbingly creepy’ but still…

Tough weekend. Despite my stated aims I dragged myself out of bed this morning feeling like I could do with another, oh, day’s sleep at least. But I am on track. I now only need to average 3 hours a day to complete Order of the Phoenix on Wednesday. I can usually get half an hour in at lunchtimes (after writing in this blog) so that’s 2 1/2 hours in the evening. Which means the possibility of early nights and/or maybe an hour of TV. So I’m pleased with that.

The lead figure, which you’ll recall is based on a target which has me finishing the books on Fri 20th, is now so large as to be effectively meaningless. So I’ve added the movie target – which is which page I need to be on by the time I go to bed tonight. That doesn’t take into account any reading time on Thursday, when I’ll still have lunchtime and time travelling into London on the train/tube. But I’ll ignore that and treat it as safety net. (I may reserve say, 20 pages, to read on the train anyway, just so I have that “just finished” feeling.

I’ve just been asked to do something at work – perils of taking your lunchbreak at your desk – I’ll be back with a part 2 in a wee while.


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