Day 9

Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Page: 260
Which is: Discussing the Triwizard Tournament after Harry has resisted the Imperious curse
Lead: 196
Time Spent: 30.25 hours
Pages Remaining: 2260 (44% complete)
Estimated Completion: Wed 18th Jul
Favourite Character: Moody
Random Quote: ‘Can I have a look at Uranus, too, Lavender?’
said Ron.
Cool Moment: The Weasleys arriving at Privet Drive and getting stuck in the chimney

So big jump yesterday huh? Nearly five hours of reading, 45 minutes of which were at lunchtime. Thing is I worked out the numbers for finishing Order of the Phoenix before the movie and they are scary.

It is the weekend but I’ll still have to spend a lot more time reading than I’d realised. Last night I stayed up until the early hours and I’m not sure if it was a good idea. Every hour later I stayed up is either adding to my lie-in (and reducing my reading time) or meaning I’ll be tired today. I’m really trying to avoid going into next week tired.

One thing I briefly considered is that what I really don’t want to do is be in the middle of reading OotP when I watch the movie, so maybe I could read it after. Goblet  is about the same length as Half-Blood Prince so that would mean roughly the same (insane!) amount of reading from Friday 13th July to Friday 20th as I otherwise have to do from yesterday (when I started Goblet) to Wed 11th. But whilst that’s a couple of extra days it would still mean a lot of reading and probably preclude watching all the movies, which I am now kinda keen on.

The reading itself – well this is the first of the books where arguably she needs to cut it down. I actually don’t mind too much apart from the Quidditch World Cup. Quidditch bores me to tears but at least in the previous book it’s usually combined with something happening that advances the plot. The actual Quidditch in the World Cup doesn’t advance the plot at all. As the movie shows, all you really need is to show the setting and have the Death Eaters turn up. However now we’re back to Hogwarts I think I’ll enjoy it more. Especially since I’ve never read this before – I tried to read this book in anticipation of the movie and didn’t get very far – so gave up once I’d seen the film.

I’ve put Moody as my favourite character of the moment. He is but it requires explanation: I like the character Moody appears to be. Of course I know it’s really Crouch junior pretending to be him and some of the stuff that appears very heart-of-gold-shining-through-the-gruff-exterior actually has an unpleasant agenda behind it. I felt kinda cheated by that. I fondly imagine that at least the real Moody is somewhat like that and Crouch had to impersonate that accurately to be believable.

The quote? Well a) it’s funny in a puerile kinda way and b) it’s funnier when you realise Ron goes out with Lavender in book 6. Perhaps he eventually did get to see… No, let’s not go there!


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