Day 7, 5th July

Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Page: 268
Which is: Lupin teaching Harry the Patronus Charm
Lead: 86
Time Spent: 23.1
Pages Remaining: 2720 (33% complete)
Estimated Completion: Thu 19th July
Favourite Character: Lupin
Cool Moment: Finding the slashed portrait

So – a third of the way through. It feels like I should be further along but I guess the books are a lot bigger from now on.

I am struggling a bit to keep up the page count. Mostly cos I’m getting tired. So I may burn off a little of my lead and get an early night tonight.

Not sure what to say about the book. I’m enjoying it but not sure what there is to say about it. Harry’s seeing “the Grim” everywhere, Dementors are giving him a hard time, he’s not allowed to leave Hogwarts. Basically things aren’t going well. The mystery is unfolding nicely. Oddly I don’t find it as dark as the previous book. Maybe because I know the big threat is actually not a threat at all which is not to say there isn’t danger in this book. Also Voldemort’s not the threat.

Anyhow – ploughing on.


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