Day 4

Day 4, 2nd July
Book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Page: 68
Which is: In Flourish and Blotts, Arthur Weasley is about to attack Lucius Malfoy
Lead: 43 (hoo, and indeed, ray!)
Time Spent: 15.2 hours
Pages Remaining: 3288
Cool Moment: The puzzles at the end of Philosopher’s Stone.
Quote: It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

One book down. OK two but one Harry Potter book down. Five to go.

And I enjoyed it. It whisks along at a fair pace. By the time you’ve introduced how Hogwarts and wizarding generally works there’s not much time left for plot so it’s fairly concise.

The resolution of the “puzzle-spells” that guard the Stone are aimed at the age this book is written 10-12ish. But I kind of like that kind of thing. I also think the mirror of Erised is a just the sort of thing that would have had me thinking about it for days as a kid. A bit like the Deplorable Word in the Magician’s Nephew.

The early part of Chamber of Secrets follows the pattern of the first book to some degree, though you’ve got Dobby appearing. Certainly there’s an attempt to bring the reader up to speed in case they haven’t read the first book. That’s mildly irritating.

Overall though I am enjoying it, which is good.


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