Harry Potter Re-Read – Day 3

Day 3, 1st July
Book: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (yay!)
Page: 96
Which is: Harry buying a wand
Lag: -89
Time Spent: 9.5 hours
Remaining pages: 3588
Estimated Completion: Wed 25th July
Favourite Character: Ronnie (Gun Seller)
Cool Moment: The final scene on the roof (Gun Seller)
Random Quote: He’s off ter the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world. Seven years there and he won’t know himself.

So I finished the Gun Seller. It was well worth a re-read.

Very funny, very likeable hero and a twisty-turny, but not too twisty-turny plot. The politics are a bit dated – though not hugely. I think I’m aware of that because I read Laurie had written a screenplay. I’d love to see a movie of The Gun Seller, but I think it’s probably going to need some updating.

And now, finally, (funny to say finally after only 3 days), on to Harry Potter. My memory is that I struggled a little to find this book interesting. This time around I can’t put it down. I am drawn in by all the scene setting and background exposition stuff. It’s fun to notice all the little references you wouldn’t have known about before. Hagrid borrows the motorbike he flies on from ‘young Sirius Black’.

On the challenge generally, I’m finding it tough. I enjoy the reading when I get down to it but “pottering around” (‘scuse the pun) takes up far more time than I realised. I got up at 11:15 today (I was reading til 3) and didn’t start reading until about 20 minutes ago. I read for a few minutes and then remembered I needed to blog. I was hoping to get 2 hours in before 3 and then go to the shop. I’m not worried about not making the target for today, but I do worry that I won’t be ahead as much as I’d like. It feels like Harry Potter is an easier read but my average pages/hour stubbornly stays below 50. Which means 3-4hours a day.

Oh well it is supposed to be a challenge.

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