Day 2

Day 2, 30th June
Book: The Gun Seller
Page: 133
Lag: -219
Time spent: 3.5 hours
Remaining pages: 3899
Estimated Completion: Mon 27th Aug
Favourite Character: Lang
Cool moment: Lang in the gallery

OK. Don’t panic. Yes I’m further behind but I was expecting that. I only managed an hour last night. What’s slightly more worrying is that I’m only averaging less than 40 pages/hour. I guess that might be because I’m tired. All the more reason to make sure I don’t miss the lunchtime slots.

I am enjoying the book. It’s more violent than I remember. Having said I deliberately chose a ‘boy’s book’ I should say I don’t normally read thrillers or crime novels. I bought it originally for the author. But the humour keeps me going. One of the questions that keeps coming back to Lang is “Are you a good man?” He just killed 3 people escaping a kidnap.  Oh and a character has just been introduced who will become my favourite character if I remember her correctly. Although I’m hoping by the time I write again that I’ll be on to Harry Potter.


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