Am I Crazy – Day 1

Day 1, 29th June
Current Book: The Gun Seller
Current Page: 96
Cumulative Pages Read So Far:  96
Current Lag/Lead on target: -80
Date of Completion based on current reading rate:  Thurs 9th August
Current Favourite Character:  Thomas Lang
Current Favourite moment: O’Neal’s Office, Lang not ‘playing the game’
Random Quote:  ‘She tasted of toothpaste, and wine, and perfume, and heaven on a nice day.’

So after one day I’m well behind (and I just spent another hour fiddling with the spreadsheet – gotta stop doing that!!). But remember it’s supposed to be fun and we’ve got the weekend!

I’m remembering why I like this book.

I picked it because, to be honest, I wanted a boy’s book for a change, and I remembered that I liked it. Given that it’s 10 years since I read it I couldn’t remember why. Now I do – Lang. He’s a great hero. Funny. He’s just started to fall for Sarah Woolf, which even without remembering the plot you can tell is a bad idea. The plot revolves around internation arms dealers and terrorism. It’s pre-9/11 and it shows but that’s ok.

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