Why No-one Reads My Blog

(except for M.)

One of the blogs I follow  had this this morning:

But here’s my advice, too: a blog is like a TV show. It needs a hook to get people to read it. It needs to create a compelling, attractive world (in TV terms, an “attractive fantasy”). And it needs consistency.

Got me thinking about my blog. It hasn’t got a ‘hook’ really and it’s not consistent. You’re as liable to read about very techie computer stuff, person faith type stuff or just random wibblings about my life as anything else. I suppose the truth is that I mainly write for myself – to get it out of my system, to express myself and as memories to look back on. (At least some of the techy stuff has come in useful later when I’ve needed to do the same thing again and didn’t need to start from scratch again.)

I guess my writing per se is not entertaining enough for people to be interested in absolutely anything I say. Unless they’re close friends like M.

My other big blogging sin is I ramble on at too great a length.

So – short pithy, witty posts, consistently about one topic – with a hook? Hmm. Have to mull that one over a while.

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My name is Shuggie, Paul or LatePaul depending on where you know me from. I work in computers (databases) and occasionally write about softw
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One Response to Why No-one Reads My Blog

  1. trudyj65 says:

    Pretty sure that’s my problem too … but I’ve given up caring. After all, I blog mainly for myself, and I have a small hardcore coterie of friends who read my blog, and why should I worry about the Big Bad World Outside?

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