Should I Buy a Graphics Card?

The latest on the Mythtv situation is that I’m still struggling to get the video driver working. I really need this to get the most out of Mythtv. Right now I can’t watch live TV because the frame rate is so slow it’s jerky. I can’t change aspect ratios on the fly.

So I’ve been doing the linux thing – searching the net, trying out different approaches, trying to figure why they’re not working and so on. I’ve still got plenty of avenues to follow with this however it’s getting frustrating. Now one thing I’ve realised is that ATI, who make my graphics card, have a reputation for less good support for Linux than Nvidia who are the other big manufacturer. So I could carry on trying to make my ATI card work, or I could just buy an Nvidia card and swap them. I’ve had a little look and I could buy an Nvidia card for about £35+£5p&p. If you look at it in terms of how much I’m paid that’s less than 3 hours work. And if I sell the old one on ebay I could even make that back.

But if I looked at it purely in terms of money I wouldn’t be building a myth box, I’d be sticking with my PVR or buying another. I justify it on the basis that it’s a project and therefore fun. But days and days of trying to get one thing working is not fun.

It’s interesting. I was at M’s the other night for a meal. Afterwards I offered to look at her laptop, which wasn’t connecting to the internet. I spent probably 90mins-2hours and in the end fixed it. But there was a point where I was about to give up. I actually enjoyed tinkering but I think another 30 minutes and it would have stopped being fun.

So do I buy a card or not? I think I’ll give myself a couple of hours tonight and if I can’t get it working, maybe make an order.


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