Unposted posts and broken (implied) promises.


Did it again didn’t I? I was supposed to post all three “catch-ups” in one evening. In fact by the time I’d done the Riley’d one it was late and I wanted to go home, so I intended to finish the following (two?) night(s). However then I got ill and couldn’t get out of bed. Then I was fine and couldn’t be bothered.

Very briefly – cos I’ve lost enthusiasm a bit – MythTV was about the fact that I’ve decided to build a MythTV box
I even did a proof of concept by installing the MythTV software on an existing linux machine with a Tv card. It works quite well, except that the card’s analogue and I want a freeview one. So the next step is to spec up a cheapish “bare-bones” system with a decently large disk and fast processor but no monitor and install MythTV on it. Step after that is to get it to stream media to other computers and possibly eventually a second MythTv box.

All this is because I now have two rooms with a TV in. I have my DVR – which I love – but if I record something on it I can only watch it in the lounge unless I unplug it and move it to the bedroom.

DVD Rentals – not sure what I was going to say about that – except that I hadn’t watched any for a while and maybe talk about how you really need to be honest with yourself that you want to watch something.

That’s all for now. I have another topic in mind but if I promise to post on it I’m bound not to and then look stoopid.


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My name is Shuggie, Paul or LatePaul depending on where you know me from. I work in computers (databases) and occasionally write about softw
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