He rambled on…

Wow. Look at how many words it took me to tell a relatively simple story. Well, ok, it was a simple story about a complicated upgrade. The complexity was the point.

Still I’m left feeling that I could have written a more readable entry by writing all that and then editting it afterwards. Given that it took probably the best part of 4 hours to write those two posts, it’s a little dis-spiriting. I mean this is not supposed to be proper writing per se, it’s supposed to be quick’n’dirty blogging, getting the opinions down quickly. If the quick’n’dirty is slow and needs editting to be readable I guess it means I need to spend more time on writing than I currently am.

Which is fine. Just sobering.


About shuggie

My name is Shuggie, Paul or LatePaul depending on where you know me from. I work in computers (databases) and occasionally write about softw
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