Fourth Blog

I’ve just created a new blog – exclusively for writing (and possibly discussions of writing). It’s my “Wry Terse”* blog and it’s here.

This is actually now my fourth blog. My original was on Blogger and used some variation on the Shuggie name. I cannot now remember and the email address under which I registered no longer exists. A shame, there were posts on there I’d enjoy reading again. A quite amusing one on nursing a hangover if I recall.

My second blog was this one. I started it because I heard that LiveJournal have “communities”. The Buffy usenet newsgroup I used to inhabit was dwindling and one of the participants said most of his Buffy-related discussion was on LiveJournal. I’ve seen that happen but it hasn’t happened to me. I guess I didn’t publicize my blog very well or make it comment-worthy. Still working on that one. So it’s very much a blog and not a focus for discussion. Still I have SoF and the newsgroups for that.

Blog the third was one I didn’t explicitly sign up for. I signed up for the new incarnation of the Church of Fools, St. Pixels, and their new site gives every user a blog. I posted on it a few times, mostly about my spiritual state and my experiences with the CoF. Haven’t posted there for a while. It’s ok but I never really fit in that community (there actually is one there) and the site, which was built with bespoke tools, is a bit rough and ready. It’s here if you want to see.

So now we have Wry Terse, a place to stick stuff I write where people can comment on it. I’m on a writer’s sub-board on SoF and someone there uses a blog for her novel. Struck me as a very good idea.

This is getting like email addresses. I have about five of those (only 3 that are really active I s’pose).

Blog Five, if it even comes into being will be the blog of a made-up character, written in real-time, though probably not in relation to current events. We’ll see. 4 blogs is enough for now.

(*yes I know, but I needed a name)


About shuggie

My name is Shuggie, Paul or LatePaul depending on where you know me from. I work in computers (databases) and occasionally write about softw
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