Reviews overdue

Remind me that I need to do some reviews at some point. I’ve got at least three I could do – all strangely enough based on comparisons.

They are

– Why Just Like Heaven is better than Ghost

– Zathura – Jumanji in space

– A tale of two Fever Pitches (US v UK)

Just Like Heaven I saw a while back and James King (standing in for Mark Kermode on his podcast) compared it to Ghost but citing Ghost as the better film. Hmm. Not in my book.

Zathura I went to see last night because I wanted to get out of the house for a while and it was the only half-way decent film on that hadn’t already started. And it was decent too. (but more of that in the actual review)

Today on a whim I picked up ‘The Perfect Catch’ on DVD, which is the UK title of the film which in the US was ‘Fever Pitch’. Obviously they couldn’t call it that in the UK when there had already been a film of that name, based on the same book. I watched it post gas-man and it was fun and there’s definitely a paragraph or two to be written in the differences between the two versions.

So that’s my manifesto. If I haven’t written those reviews by the end of the week call me a slacker and a fool.


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