Not much of a writer if you can’t even think of a title…

(ever notice how putting … after stuff makes it more profound? Nope, me neither. Sadly)

I was going to call this ‘Long time no…’ since it’s been a while. But then I thought that was grasping at straws trying to think of an interesting title. So making a virtue out of necessity*…

Well, it has been a while. Noteworthy is the fact that I haven’t blogged since I’ve been back at work. Neither have I written any fiction or crits. I have done a little reading but mostly my life has settled back into my former routine of work, eat, tv, sleep, talk to M and more sleep. (Yes that’s right I’m normally asleep when I talk to M – as she would tell you if she was writing this. She also tell you lots of embarrassing stuff so it’s a good job she’s not really. ***waves to M***) In that time there have of course been several things that I could have blogged about had I had the motivation and time. These include:

– further thoughts on the Crazy Idea
– a review of the movie Serenity – compared and contrasted perhaps with the TV series pilot Serenity
– ponderings on the meaning of being a fan, whether I still am one or not and perhaps some history of my Buffy-fandom
– why I decided to dump Windows and how I almost went back after a week
– thoughts on where I am faith-wise, where I want to be and tentative steps to get there
– thoughts on where I am job-wise, where I want to be and so on
– cheese

(OK the last one I just made up – but ya gotta have cheese :D)

As I said I could regale you with these many interesting topics, and more, but first another thought that fills me with fear, dread and that other thing that always goes with fear and dread but which I can never remember: am I worth reading?

It started when I installed something called Stumble Upon which is a way to get to random websites which may or may not be interesting. New-to-me potentially interesting websites are always in demand as my boredom threshold is high. (Mostly at work. Working at work can sometimes alleviate the boredom but hey, that’s drastic measures. ) Through StumbleUpon I came across this site. I then spent quite a lot of not-bored time reading and laughing at this site. However as with many things we laugh at at first I gradually became concerned and then eventually worried (I say “we” but maybe it’s just me).

It occurred to me that even if he doesn’t use a blog format this is the sort of thing a blog should be – personal anecdotes of his relationship with his girlfriend told in an amusing way. Told in an amusing way!


In other words – it’s worth reading. It amuses. It entertains. It whiles away those tedious hours that’d otherwise be spent earning a living. Whereas my blog, even to me, at times is, well, tedious. See the urge to express yourself is one thing, whether anyone wants to read it later is another. Humour is one way to reward the reader, being profound, informative or insightful are others. The question is: can I do that? Can I make my blog worth reading? Which implies the scary question as to whether I’m at all funny, profound, insightful or that other thing I just mentioned doesn’t it? (Those of you who had been thinking that my usual bland style had given way to a sort of desperate, forced attempt at humour and interesting word-usements can now congraulate yourselves on being right. Smug gits. πŸ˜› )

I suspect part of the answer lies in editing. Stream of consciousness is ok but I think it needs to be pared down, refined and shaped into something that’s worth the effort. Not like this then πŸ˜‰ Oh well…

(*big bonus points to anyone who spotted where I stole that phrase from)


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