The ‘Good’ Argument

OK, so I just spent nearly 3 hours on the phone to M. – nothing too abnormal in that. However most of it was an argument and the aftermath of same. And it was ‘good’ in that it cleared the air and I feel like we discussed some communication things that were an issue and we both understand each other a little better. And maybe, just maybe, I now have the knowledge to know when I might be in danger of randomly saying stuff up to the point when I get the silence that says I’ve upset her but I’ve no idea why. Maybe now I won’t do it or will at least know why.

As I say this was all good. But I kinda miss all the stuff we didn’t talk about. Stuff like the 447 words I wrote on my story today and how hard it was and yet I got through them. Stuff like my review of one of the old hands of AFO, what I said and how he reacted. He’s a much better writer but it didn’t stop me being quite critical. He was polite but I felt he brushed off my criticisms too easily. That’s fine. He doesn’t know me. If he’s still doing that when I’ve been posting a while – well it’ll still be fine but it’ll mean he’s reached a certain opinion about my opinions.

I wanted to share and discuss that stuff with M. but didn’t because we had to work through the other stuff. I don’t regret that but I wish I could’ve done both.

She’s got a busy weekend coming up and I can already see that when she’s not working she’ll be tired and possibly sleeping. I can see we won’t get to chat seriously again til Monday or later.

Ho Hum.


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