And the winner is…


What the…?

I genuinely don’t get it. It’s not only the weakest script – IMHO of course! – but almost certainly the hardest to make on the budget. Up til now I’ve been cynical about the whole ‘they’re setting them up for failure cos it’s better TV’ but it makes you wonder.

Mind you – in a slightly less cynical way – they DO have to make the TV show watchable and I guess the whole point of making this competition about genre was to be able to show some stuff we’ve not seen in PGL 1 or 2. And of the 3, FEAST has the most of that I suppose.

What’s slightly suspicious is that I was hearing rumours on the misc.writers.screenplay newsgroup that it “was going to win” before even the top 6 were chosen. The writing pair are in the business – but not as writers yet. So maybe there was some bias – or at least the knowledge about who the judges favoured was an open secret.

Oh well. Could still be fun.

In another month or so they actually start to make the movie, I think the show airs in the US in Jan.

Now I’ll have to find something else to discuss here.


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