Does Anyone Here… v2

Ok so thanks to a nice man at PGL website technical support I now have all 3 revised scripts.

This entry is about Does Anyone Here Remember When Hans Gubenstein Invented Time Travel?

Well this is a major re-write. A lot has changed. The basic concept is the same but I only recognise a couple of scenes from the original. They’ve added the love story so maybe it is Groundhog Day mk II after all 😉

I have to say though that this change does make a big difference. Not just because everyone likes a love story – but because it gives the main character an arc. Before we had a series of ‘do-over’ time-travel episodes – many humourous – but just a series of scenes really. By giving the main character a love interest that he eventually learns to give it chance with – we have a sense of progress rather than just a series of funny scenes and then an end.

One thing – in the new version the bad guy gets killed when he tries to destroy the time machine. This causes a time loop feedback thingy which results in him getting fried by radiation and leaves him a smoking burnt husk. Which leads to this

Sid bends to inspect the SMOKING HUSK. Hanz’s TIME DEVICE perched ON TOP of it.
Don’t touch it. It’s evil stuff.


Well ok, I accept that this is an hommage rather than a steal. But if you’re writing a time travel comedy do you really want to compare yourself Time Bandits? It’s gonna hurt ya.

So anyway I think they’ve improved it significantly. If this is executed well – with likeable actors in the main roles – it could be a pretty decent movie.



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