PGL – Final 3, my choice

So here’s my list of the 3 scripts I think should make top 3. In order they are

1. Wildcard
2. Feast
3. Does Anyone Here Remember When Hans Gubenstein Invented Time Travel?

For me Wildcard was head and shoulders above the rest. It had characters I cared about and actually made me laugh and surprised me. It could use work – as they all could – but if you could bring the whole script up to the level of the best parts you’d have something quite special.

Feast was just a lot of fun – or at least could be, done right – I enjoyed the dialogue and the sensibility of the piece. It could be the next Tremors – or it could just be another low-budget horror flick.

Does Anyone Here Remember… is a fun idea, definitely has its moments and could be developed into a really good script/movie. I dithered between this and Maneater for 3rd place but finally the humour in this script won me over.

So that’s my choice – what I think should win. Do I think what will win will be any different?

Hard to say since I don’t have any experience of making movies. I think if practical concerns i.e. budget, come into play, it’s possible that the top 3 could be

1. Wildcard
2. Maneater
3. Sixth Street Boyz

which in my – lay-man’s – opinion are the easiest/best to produce.

We’ll see. I’m off to check the PGL website to see if they’ve been posted yet.

(btw – for those of you wondering – there was no theme of horror required, rather it was suggested that the script be a ‘genre’ piece – horror and thriller given as examples. So in the top 6 we have 3 horror, 1 sci-fi and 1 thriller – fair enough eh?)


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